A New Life For Dzuwa

In the once isolated and stigmatized village of Dzuwa in the small southeastern African nation of Malawi, the people are experiencing a new beginning. A young Malawian has been called to spread the joy of the Lord and start a ministry unlike any other in Malawi. Offering a holistic approach aimed at improving the quality of life for the people of Dzuwa, Joy to the World Ministries (or “JTW”) is committed to glorifying the Lord by taking the Whole Gospel, to the Whole Man and to the Whole World.

Rather than simply giving handouts, JTW’s many projects seek to give the local people a real stake in the future of their community.

The ultimate goal of Joy to the World Ministries is to work with the LORD in making His Name great among the nations from the rising of the sun even to its setting (Malachi 1:11; Psalm 113:3). JTW is also working tirelessly to prepare and equip the young people in Dzuwa Village and Malawi as a whole for the most wonderful and noble task: taking the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to the nations.

Through many of its programs, JTW seeks to nurture and shape future leaders, teachers, doctors, entrepreneurs, missionaries and Gospel ministers who will lead Malawi and the Church into a brighter future to the glory of God.

Thank you for visiting us today on the Web. Please take the time to browse through our site. Read, see, watch and listen for yourself to some of the wonderful and mighty things that the LORD is doing for His own glory and for the blessing of His people through JTW. We hope and pray that as you do so, you will be blessed, challenged and moved to partner with us in the work of making God’s Name great among the nations as the LORD leads you!!

Status:Unreached (1.1)