About Joy The World Ministries

Fletcher Matandika founded Joy to the World Ministries (JTW) in 2006 after visiting Dzuwa while on summer break from seminary school in the United States. Fletcher’s father, a pastor, had been newly transferred to the area when he visited. Fletcher immediately felt called to do something there, but it would take days of prayer and discussion with local chiefs before he knew exactly what God was calling him to do.

Prior to Fletcher’s visit, Dzuwa had some significant setbacks. Given the coincidental and untimely death of two government teachers, rumors of “witchcraft” were running rampant, and the government of Malawi withdrew much of its support. The people of Dzuwa felt ashamed and abandoned.

These feelings were apparent to Fletcher when he talked to the residents and members of the tribal government. Eventually he decided to ask for land to be used for the creation of a new ministry. He decided to boldly ask for 50 acres and was amazed when he learned he had been given 171 acres! He saw an opportunity to partner with the beautiful people of Dzuwa to provide medical services, education, food, and discipleship. After many conversations with villagers and chiefs–and a lot of prayer–he knew that the people of Dzuwa were in need of some light.

Fortunately, Fletcher was used to large undertakings. In 1999, at the age of 21, he started an orphan feeding center in the village of Matapila. It quickly grew and today that organization, Ministry of Hope (www.ministryofhope.org), feeds thousands of orphans through a series of six feeding centers throughout central Malawi. They also run a crisis nursery which provides temporary care for abandoned babies, many of whom are born with AIDS.

The chiefs of Dzuwa welcomed Fletcher’s big ideas. In the words of one local chief: “Now, God has remembered us!”

Visit Our Projects to see how Joy to the World Ministries aims to improve lives on many different levels and in a manner that gives the people of Dzuwa a major stake in the future of their community.