JTW will continue to utilize the resource of the African Bible College (ABC) in order to identify strong candidates for future positions on the staff.


  • JTW will be responsible for recruiting and training the desired number of students once a year
  • JTW will commit to pay half of the students’ tuition fees (only) for that year on a semester by semester basis.
  • Each selected student must commit to spending their major school breaks (Christmas & Summer) serving with JTW in some identified/assigned capacity.
  • There will be a parallel program where students will be able to go out to Dzuwa and serve with JTW there 3 weeks/month during school, but this will be on a voluntary basis.
  • JTW will try to liaise with ABC to see if these students can get some credit for being a part of this program.
  • Recruitment will be done each year during the spring semester. A proper application form will be designed. Each interested student must apply. The applications will be reviewed and personal interviews will be held wherever necessary.
  • The number of students to recruited each year will depend on:
    • The amount of funds available for their support
    • The amount of work to be done