JTW started the Dzuwa Young Farmers Association in the summer of 2007. The main goal of the Dzuwa YFA is to boost agricultural production and natural resource management in Dzuwa village by working with the local young farmers (ages 20-40). Through the Dzuwa YFA, JTW Ministries is committed to:

  1. Establish Farmers’ Clubs in the local area.
  2. Provide training to the members of these clubs by bringing in agricultural experts and extension workers. JTW Ministries will work with the Malawian government as well as other local NGO’s to provide proper training to these farmers and monitor the progress of their work.
  3. Provide loans to the members of these local clubs each year to assist them with their farming activities. The loans to be given for purcashing seed, fertilizer, treadle pumps, and more.
  4. The preservation and planting of trees in Dzuwa Village. JTW Ministries has set aside some property where trees of various kinds will be planted. This year our goal is to plant not less than 5,000 trees. This will be done in conjunction with the Dzuwa YFA.