Now you can already play this game, using the site GGsel. The gameplay is essentially a free movement through a vast world, accompanied by violence, violent missions, not related to the main storyline, accompanied by violence, sex and drugs.

You run around the city, steal cars, kill bandits and crush civilians with a tank. In short, until you are legally allowed to buy alcohol and cigarettes, you can not play GTA, sorry.

The first 2.5 parts of GTA (meaning GTA I, GTA 2 and any additions such as GTA London and others) are very different from what we have now. In the late 1990s, GTA fans watched what was happening from a bird’s-eye view, the main characters were dying from one (as in the first) or ten (GTA 2) hits from a gun, and for moving six Elvis Presley doppelgangers gave a bonus.

In 2001, Rockstar made a small revolution in the world of games. The developers just did that released the next part of Grand Theft Auto, but only made it completely three-dimensional, removed the Elvis, made the player more resilient, put the camera is not a hundred meters high, and behind the back of the hero and gave players the opportunity to travel on a virtual copy of New York – Liberty City.

The success of the game, released first for PS2, and then for personal computers and the Xbox console, left no doubt that it will continue. A year later, a new part of GTA was released, which was called Vice City. It sent the players in the mid-1980s, forced them to listen to the synthpop and remember the brightest moments from the gangster action movies of the time. This part of Grand Theft Auto, by the way, by a number of calculations, is the best-selling game for PS2 in the U.S. in the history of the platform.

Even greater success was enjoyed by GTA: San Andreas, which saw the light in 2004 on PS2, and in 2005 – in the version for personal computers. The magnificent soundtrack, the virtual world that has grown to a huge size, the excellent missions, the script and the soundtrack did their job, providing San Andreas with multi-million dollar sales. The most commercially successful part of GTA was also the most scandalous. The harmful effects of the game tried to write off even a few murders. However, it did not succeed. And to prevent the triumph of the brainchild Rockstar attacks wrestlers with games they could not.

Almost four years of waiting for a miracle

The appearance of the next part of the game began to wait almost a week after the release of San Andreas. First, the action GTA for some reason moved to London, then returned to Liberty City. Then it became known that Rockstar and Take-Two succumbed to the multimillion-dollar persuasion of Microsoft and agreed to release a version of GTA IV for Xbox 360 console even earlier than for PlayStation 3, and in addition to all give the owners of the console from Gates additional content that does not shine Sony fans. Fanboys of the Japanese company raised a barrage of outrage, and Sony apparently found a competent approach to the developers of GTA, and in the end it was decided that the game will be released on both platforms simultaneously and in the same package.

In spring 2007, the developers introduced to the world a new GTA hero – Niko, a native of Eastern Europe. At the same time, the first supposed release date of the game was named – October 16, 2007. As you all guessed, it did not happen: apparently, not wanting to push Call of Duty 4, Halo 3 and others there Assassin’s Creed for a place in the sun, Rockstar promised to release GTA IV in the absence of competitors in the foreseeable time frame, i.e. in early 2008. The same did not happen. The game became available on April 29.

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History of GTA IV

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