Many people underestimate the workout. Judge for yourself. Do you often neglect the warm-up when you work out? Or do you not train before important competitions? CS:GO is the same kind of sport. It also requires training and warm-ups before matches. In addition, during training you can develop your skills using different maps from the workshop.

Training in CS:GO allows you not only to improve such indicators as shooting, accuracy, reaction, but also to warm up your finger and hand muscles before the game. Try to play in any mode immediately after starting. Have you tried it? Your hand and fingers are not the same, right? It is the training and warm-up before the matches in the competitive mode that gives you an opportunity to get used to the game. 

Why is training often underestimated?

It will probably seem to you that you are simply wasting your time. Yes, killing fixed bots or shooting at targets can seem like a boring exercise. But, after a while, you will feel the beauty of training. It is enough to turn on the music and go to the training card before the game for 20-30 minutes. In CS:GO there are many interesting maps for training. Learn the workshop and find cool training maps. After a while your skill will be much higher. You can also find many interesting things on the site

Shooting and spreading of pomegranates in CS:GO

Each weapon has its own exceptional features, which include the spread. Please note that such a picture is typical for firing with a clamp. The spray (also known as the clamp) is relevant for firing at close range. It is good in that you use the speed of firing of a separate type of weapon in the game. But the spray also requires training. There are maps in the workshop that allow you to train the clamp control from any kind of device.

The other thing is if you shoot at 1-2 bullets. Then the shots go exactly where your sight is directed. This shooting mode is very effective in the hands of a craftsman. So it is very important to adjust the sensitivity of the mouse so that the sight is a direct extension of your hand. Shooting on the run is extremely ineffective in the game. It so happens that in the game, as in life, there is physics. And with any movement the bullet will change its trajectory, leaving the sight in one direction or another.

Scattering of grenades

Grenade deployment is another important tactical element that gives your team a good advantage in certain situations. For example, you hear that the whole enemy team is running to you and you decide to throw an incendiary grenade under their feet. Such an action will prevent the enemy to break into the point and give you the chance to mobilize your team for defense. Or, you know that the passage where your team is headed is viewed by a sniper. In this situation, smoke and light grenades will help. Smoke will hide your movement from the sniper, and flashbang will help to blind him or drive him away from the enforced place. Sometimes, the grenade may be more important than the weapon that is in your hands. It is better to buy a pair of grenades and boldly go with them to the point, than to buy an expensive device and shake from every rustle.

The importance of communication in the game

All 5 team members form a single mechanism. In simple words, each player must perform his actions in a coordinated manner, working in a team. Communication is something that will help to cooperate with your actions, to provide or request support. For this purpose there are both voice and text chats, although the latter is a very bad alternative, because the hands and attention will be busy with something else, so we advise to get some kind of headset before the game. Along with communication closely goes knowledge of points on the map. If you like to play, we recommend you to visit

Training in CS:GO

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