Rugby is a very exciting sport in which not just one person but the whole team – coaches, captain, all players and referees – is responsible for the outcome.

It is to strict discipline, self-control and mutual respect that rugby owes its popularity, and these qualities, in the context of such a physically demanding sport, create camaraderie and a sense of fair play.

The rules, to which all participants must adhere, allow players of all sizes, physiques and abilities, regardless of gender or age, to play at their own level. It is because of this that fundamental elements, such as the obligation to kick back and offensive tackle, remain unique. Playing and even watching a spectacular game of rugby is an inexpressible pleasure. Rugby is constantly evolving, and you can follow the news in the rugby news section.

Reasons to fall in love with tennis

If you haven’t yet discovered tennis, here are a few reasons why it is a great tool for physical and mental health. First, tennis improves coordination. During the competition, the musculoskeletal system is actively involved, muscles and joints are subjected to high anaerobic load. In order to hit the ball and at the same time watch its movement, it requires excellent coordination. Thus, it improves not only coordination, but also dexterity, speed and flexibility.

Secondly, this game will be good for the heart. Even a couple of workouts a week can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by 50%, thanks to lowering blood pressure, resulting in virtually no deposits in the blood vessels.

Third, it promotes intelligence and concentration, unlike other sports, where physical ability is the priority. Watching the ball for 1 hour requires constant concentration. The brain monitors its every movement and must constantly analyze new situations, new trajectories. Another reason, which will probably be of more interest to the female audience, is the active expenditure of calories: in one hour of play, depending on your body type, from 420 to 600 calories are lost. This is the equivalent of almost an hour of swimming, cycling or moderate running.

Grand tennis is quite popular, and many of the sporting events of aspiring athletes and stars are covered in the pages of news publications with the subject of tennis news. Athletes are interesting to watch, because tennis, among other things, shapes the mind and character of players. It requires immediate reactions and thoughtful actions in a constant struggle with the opponent, controlling emotions so as not to show difficulty or insecurity.

Tennis also develops athletes’ patience, because hitting the ball at the right time and in the right place is the main difficulty. But the more an athlete plays, the better he or she will know when the moment is right. Therefore, patience is necessary, because matches can be very long, even eleven hours in a row. You can search for news on specialized sites, which will help you get access to public information about your favorite sports.

Where to look for rugby news

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